Manage, distribute and analyze AIS data at scale

Precise vessel location and time-series analytics.

Disrupting the distribution and analysis of AIS data

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Analysis-ready access

No more distributing multiple copies of proprietary data. Maintain and securely govern one copy of cloud-native, analysis-ready AIS data.

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Time series at scale

TileDB Cloud enables precise track analysis of maritime data. Scale beyond TBs with location data at sub-second granularity, directly accessible with versioning and time traveling.

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Data products with ease

Monetize data and code without additional infrastructure, creating a sustainable marketplace for data producers and consumers alike.

We reimagined your AIS data workflow with TileDB Cloud

Access analysis-ready AIS data

No more CSV downloads. Use TileDB to access AIS datasets on cloud object storage and query directly using native coordinates. Efficiently scale large computations in the cloud where the data resides.

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Time-series for maritime analytics

Take advantage of built-in support for AIS time-series data, enabling fast track analysis and density mapping. Index using precise real numbers and datetime objects. Scale analytics to ML-powered dark ship detection, all on a single platform.

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Discover, share & collaborate

Automatically catalog AIS datasets, notebooks, and all associated metadata for advanced discoverability and governance. Version your work, including notebooks and ML models. Securely share with operations teams, supply chain analysts and government authorities.

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Enable interoperability end-to-end

Scale way beyond the capabilities of other databases, like Postgres and GeoMesa. TileDB integrates with existing workflows at every stage of your research — from SQL to R & Python Jupyter notebooks.

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Launch your marketplace

Sell your data with no additional infrastructure or cost. Built-in marketplace features allow you to develop derived data products and monetize them in a new economic model that accommodates data producers and consumers alike.

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Visualize with ease

Gain the flexibility you need to power your analysis. TileDB Cloud comes with dashboards and notebooks that can be easily customized to use specialized packages for running unique visualizations using Datashader, HoloViews, and your own custom packages.

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Fuse massive datasets

Avoid complex pipelines when combining AIS with other data types like SAR and VIIRS. Join all data types in a single data platform based on multi-dimensional arrays. Query across multiple index ranges for flexible analysis and visualization.

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Secret Sauce



The open-source TileDB sparse ND storage engine is ideal for AIS data.

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Advanced governance and scalability call for a next-generation database.

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